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Blair testifies on Mulberry - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sheng Hu Sheng Hu scenic area, the East is passing through, Mulberry, Qusong, plus four-county search to form a circular route, the entire 360 km, the journey takes about 5 days. This so-called Sheng Hu, saying that Canada is located in the county's search Ramla wrong Lake. Is a scenic mountain valley climate zone, with an average of about 3500 meters above sea level, with an average Wen 8 ?, the highest temperature of 28 ?, 18 ? minimum temperature below zero degrees. The whole area, a mountain-valley, the snow-capped mountains, rhododendron, the river god, hot springs, shrines, ancient temples in one, both knot pull snow-capped mountains, Budan La Shan, Jade Valley, Ramla wrong, Woka hot, hot color-wu Natural landscape, but also Caron Baron, Culture and Sport has, Qiaga Qu De La Jiali temples and palaces Palace, and other human landscape. 6 years in October each year, either on horseback, on foot or by car, here are the magnificent scenery of southern Tibet enjoy a good place. Sang sites on the card when Ma Temple in the county seat on San Zetang 29 km to the east, the card when the temple built on Ma Sang Day About 2.5 kilometers east of a mountainside on. Kama also known as Temple. Founded in the 11th century AD, when the faction Ga Temple, in the late 11th century solution to the Greek camp were about the year in the 17th century became the Gelug Sect monasteries, but still retained the Greek solution to send some of the rituals. When the Kama Shiniandongluan destroyed in the Temple, 198 In the reconstruction. Moji Luo Ji Zhuoma Zhu Gong statue. Moji Luo Ji Zhuoma is the history of Tibetan Buddhism to open one door, a unique style of women. She Greek solution on the basis of Buddhist teachings were, Ga absorb some of the strength of political parties, founded faction Moggi. Moggi was sent in Tibet has been widely disseminated for the Advancement of Women To a positive role. Chu Teh Qiaga Temple is located in County Down on Mulberry township government in the west foot of the mountains in the south bank of the Brahmaputra, for the site were just standing alone, with a total area of 2000 square meters. Was built in the late 16th century, the Gelug Sect is a temple. Temple Church as a gateway to the wall-chi said: AC adapter Tibetan calendar year (the year 1577 ), The third Dalai Lama Suonan measures to Qinghai and span up to Khan during a meeting here pass by, and authorized in the Egyptian wing (down this township) the establishment of the Gelug Sect gym, the king of La Jiali Monastery provides for the establishment of funding. Zhudian are well-preserved, the Tibetan Buddhist carvings and statues known Gudiao; Songtsan Gambo and description of the ancient monks Health The series of wall paintings, frescoes, as well as Ocean's 16, Murals law of God is very beautiful. Qu Qiaga in Germany near the Temple of the Palestinian village of Lang, also a long history of the sites - but the Palestinian Lang, Culture and Sport. Pakistan Lang, Culture and Sport has Tubo period for the existing built by one of the Church, an area of 280 square meters, still in possession of many of the Tubo period of hand-written And by Cheng book paper book. Wo Ka-San, God and the wonderful Stephen Mulberry River County on Woka, 3720 meters above sea level. Sang is located in the south, plus check Wodegongjie counties at the junction of the snow-capped mountains, the main peak 6,000 meters above sea level, overlooking the Brahmaputra, silver crown armor, majestic beauty. Tsongkhapa in the creation of the Gelug Sect De Gongjie had come to live along the snow-capped mountains practice, the law. Some people think the Gelug Sect teachings of Tsongkhapa passing on from the start here. As a result, De Gongjie live snow-capped mountains regarded as Kamiyama, the song Long Woka Temple, the Temple sang songs also have a good reputation. Long Qu Qu and Sang-ji Temple was built in the early 15th century, Tsongkhapa by the pro-building, known as the Gelugpa As early as the construction of the temple. Tsongkhapa was legendary in the music sang through the temple to pray, the decision to build the main Gelugpa Ganden Monastery. Later that year in prayer and built a pagoda, so far intact. Long Qu temple is also a collection of Tsongkhapa left hand and the head of Western rock, as well as for mass Tsongkhapa by riding a yak's legs, such as St. .

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