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Changzhug - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changzhug located on the outskirts of south Zetang two kilometers south of the tribute Japan Hill, presided over by the construction of Songtsan Gambo. Changzhug Tibet is one of the oldest temples, is the first Tibetan Buddhist period in Tibet where, for many years have elapsed since the 1300's history. "Wu Zhu", in Italy for the Tibetan language and Lung Ying. Legend has it the beginning of Princess Wencheng Tibet, the Night Sky View, inspections on the terrain and found that Tibetan global terrain Jisi a sit-Rasetsu of women, very detrimental to the Tubo Dynasty founded, to be Rasetsu woman in the heart and limbs, the temple was built in the town. As a result they stand in Changzhug Rasetsu a woman on his left arm. And on the other Jiansi is a legend, the legend is here before Jiansi A lake, Lake in chaos for dragon, was the embodiment of Songtsan Gambo for the Mirs to yield after Jiansi, so will the demon of the temple in the town named "Changzhug", is also in memory of Song Chan-dry Cloth yield good deeds of demons.

  Changzhug from the hall, turning Wai Gallery, hospital profile of three parts, a total of two-story Brick. The main building is a hall-chin measures, to support the bottom of Songtsan Gambo, Buddha, a statue of Avalokitesvara. Second floor of the Hall "is scheduled to learn," Chuan Changzhug for the most ancient temple, Zhu Gong Buddha Padmasambhava. Zhudian enshrined in a year is East Pakistan Ze measures pearl Thangka, is a rare treasure in the world. Changzhug said to be in the early Jiansi, there is also a time to speak of the mother as Zhudian for years. In addition, to shore up the hall and Lacan, yet still maintains a Tuzao above also was said to have put Princess Wencheng had used a ceramic basin, "and asked" in Tibetan means "thank you" "Thanks", so that meaningful.
As the legend Master Padmasambhava and Milarepa, and other well-known Buddhist monks have Changzhug in the vicinity of self-cultivation, the site is still in its self-cultivation, the area is still Changzhug many Buddhists worship of the Holy Land.

Visit the main points
Pearl Thangka Changzhug have to mention that it referred to the famous temple in the town's treasure - Pearl Thangka, is a rare treasure in the world. Chuan Qi pearl piece with lines drawn into the "Buddha resting map" (Kennedy period the amount of pine wood as Ecuador), is the Yuanmomingchu Tibet Penny Palmer Pakistan during the dynasty, by the then East is King After the investment made. Thangka whole 2 meters long, 1.2 meters wide, a total of 29,026 pearl inlay, a diamond, ruby 2, a sapphire, sapphire 0.55 two purple, two turquoise 0.91 (185 dollars) , 15.5 grams of gold, two coral 4.1 (1997 dollars). The priceless pieces of Thangka to the present day, it is not easy.

Buddha Thangka
There are also hands-on Xiuzhi Princess Wencheng of the Buddha Thangka, which are kept in the Pearl Thangka hall on the second floor after the roof of a room, few tourists usually do not open, the need to find the key to control The Qiangmendakai.
Mask Dance
Changzhug Dance of the mask are also very delicate nice, and there are also Tibetan Monastery during the murals on the walls and delicate murals painted new Xiangyingchengqu.

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