Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Xainza Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Established in 1993, the Xainza Nature Reserve, located in Nagqu Prefecture, northern Tibet Xainza County, is in a stream in Qiangtang area in the southern Great Lakes basin-wide zone of many lakes are in the development of Gangdise Hill at the northern foot fault zone Construction of the lake; area of 40,000 square kilometers, the region's grid co area of 476 square kilometers of waters , Surface elevation 4650 meters. As a result of southerly location, altitude above sea level slightly lower than the north-central Qiangtang, slightly higher temperatures, a small amount of farmland Ke Zhongzhi barley crops; annual rainfall of 300 mm, but the peak the Gangdise by melting snow and glaciers supply, mineral water Of low, suitable for aquatic life and water birds on the growth and reproduction, The low-lying lakes in the region is widely distributed humilis, and other major components of the marsh and meadow Beach, together with the Palestinian zangbo Yu, Zhu Yong, such as possession of cloth inside the river, so here's the good development of inland wetland and water ecosystems, And the protection of animals at the national level has become an ideal habitat for black-necked cranes, is 7 of the existing black-necked cranes in protected areas Stubbs the highest, are the largest.

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