Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Western Xia Ma Gang Feng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shisha-feng (Tibetan for "sheep should not and can not kind of highland barley") located in the Nyalam county of the Tibet Autonomous Region, east longitude 85 � 46'55 ", latitude 26 � 21'07", altitude 8012 m, is 14th World Summit, on May 2, 1964 and the Chinese team of climbers in Tibet 0 members and top scale for the first time. Body Mineyama Shisha Hong wide, surrounded by many peaks. Mora on the eastern side of a door Qingfeng (7703), are on the west side of Xifeng (7292 m), the peak years when the South (7205 meters), Kang Boqin peak (7281 m), as well as other well-known peak. Greek Bang Ma Fung was formally opened in 1980, in May 1981 the Japanese Ministry of wells Tien women's team Junko on the peak, Shisha peak on to become the first female. Since the opening up which means an average of about 10 foreign climbers to scale the peak.

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