Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Canadian search - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Increases in check in Tibetan means "Han salt," Legend has it that Princess Wencheng to Tibet through here, here and in a hole put a piece of salt from the salt water out of the hole, named. Kamameshi increase is the most famous specialty search. Cylindrical pot was, at the end of large, small mouth, ears, outside exquisite designs, the production of skilled Kamameshi production of raw materials is a Shuicheng Yan, only the local mountains over 5000 meters can be taken into account, making good on the spot after trading down the mountain. Can do a big meal of more than 20 people, only a small more than 10 cm. Kamameshi do special meal taste delicious, but food will not be cold in a matter of hours, so most people love Canada Kamameshi investigation, the stone bowl shape and exquisite designs, is known specialty. Richard increase in the wooden bowls and wooden materials, crafts, coloring, painting and carving durable, and so on are good. Unique micro-climate here not only to make a wide variety of wildlife resources, but also in Tibet has become a well-known fruit production. Canada Apple sweet clear that Tibet is a well-known varieties of fruit. Cha known to increase walnut, thin shell meat, crispy Xihua. At present the county with an annual output of up to walnut more than 250,000 kilograms, more than 50 million in revenue. It is said that there is an age of more than 200 years old walnut tree, "the walnut tree", a single plant can yield 1500 Walnut public Above. Local walnut tree cultivation has a long history, more varieties, of which there are more well-known horse of the walnut, walnut butter, eggs, nuts and so on. God Ramla Lake fault, poor fruit-Ming Si, as well as the scenic valley of jade that is added to the search of visitors to the most worthy of a place.

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