Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yadong border - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yadong, the Tibetan word for "swirling Valley" or "the deep rapids." West Sikkim, Bhutan to the east, away from the front of India Fort Galoin only 80 kilometers to the south is the real gateway to Tibet. Because of the warm current in the Indian Ocean, where winter winds blow south-east, evergreen the four seasons. The towering clouds Xuefeng, like Heng Kong born, Bang Bo potential; valley between the glaciers, the sun shining, it may be a fly Yinlong; in the wind around the mountain clouds, lonely, with a variety of dance changes, the snow-capped mountains, festooned with a Chuchudongren. The highest peaks block, Mula Li Ming Jiaozhuo, 7364 meters above sea level, is the folklore of the Himalayas seven fairies First, lie side by side with Mount Everest in the Himalayas in the middle of its steep mountains, has attracted a large number of climbers, but has not yet been conquered by humans. Snow Mountain is a long-form lakes, mountains, water supply from snow melting snow-capped mountains, clear and transparent in the sun, blue sky, backed by the snow-capped mountains, showing a light blue, dark blue, Green, dark green, Molv such as multi-color, giving the mysterious feeling. The lake from time to time over an unknown water birds, both on Lake Huang Ya right right to play in the water. And Lakeshore, green grass and full of small flowers of different colors, cattle, sheep, tents, scattered Shepherd In the meantime, refrain from being formed a beautiful picture. Yadong river valley south side of the stream is fast Pentium, the volume of layer upon layer of spray and Fei Bao, the cloud is on the side of the wind around the mountains, covered with lush green jungle. More and more low-elevation south, is blowing in the face of the lunged from the Indian Ocean off heaters, air is also humid, plant more and more rich, Covered with plants on the river, Hill became colorful Huashan. Yadong early summer of trenches, wide-open mountain filled with yellow, red, orange, pink, light purple azaleas as well as no name for wild flowers, overwhelming, just like heaven and earth to use this package may Hua Tan , Became the flower world. Ren How many eyes, as if time has not spent. Yadong town, like a beautiful girl without a life, but quiet and peaceful as if a century old. Long valley, quietly spread to dozens of villages in the valley of the most open as the central Department, which is located under the town government Sima town. Parry from the hot springs and streams The two rivers, the convergence here, and city wear, flowing into Bhutan, the two sides of Castle Peak, and much of a house when they are hidden. Tibet and other ports, in Yadong, although other nationalities living here, but mainly to the Tibetan people, so here are two-storey house attic Tibetan pine, paint a colorful, Top like to use bright shining metal, very bright in the sun. There are also Tibetan stone buildings dotted the meantime, the house doors and windows, roof rails, etc., and often carved or hand-drawn images of Tibetan customs, and colorful. Most local residents seem to love flowers, a small house in front of the house, the upstairs balcony, or the narrow window And residents of the home, the flowers blooming everywhere. Inadvertently find that even the backyard fence on the door, there are flowers Jizhi head out. With many small border town, here there is only one of the main north-south streets leading to a Sikkim's capital Gangtok, on the other side is towards India and Nepal and Darjeeling Fall of Kathmandu. Every day the weather, the countries of South Asia like worker bees, like the businessmen gathered here, Wengweng De slang dialect into a ring. The azaleas are Manshanbianye border town of Yadong in such a strange fusion of quiet and serene smile.

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