Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Impala Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Impala Park is the preservation of Tibet's most well-slave estate, the highest in the 12 large estate. It is the nobility and serfdom in old Tibet are two different portrayal of real life, is the epitome of old Tibet. Parra of the original estate was built in the village of Gyangze Jiang Ga, in 1904 when the British invasion were burned, Anti-British after the war, Chateau la reconstruction in Gyangze Nianchu River southwest of the city on the other side, Gyangze 4 km away from the village of Columbus ban for a long time, with the increase of power Parra family, para expanding the size of the estate. Bhutan was a paradise of tribal chiefs, as a result of civil strife to move to Tibet, Bhutan and the Tibetan local government to obtain title. One after another in its future generations Kashag Tibetan government in any high-ranking officials, solid money. Para Zhuangyuan Zhu Wang for a long time as a small Limbu Lama Temple, to return to secular life after the House presided over the day-to-day affairs. His estate to rectify the economy, expansion of the size of the estate, strengthen the rule of the serfs. Tibet before the democratic reform, para estate subsidiary a total of 22 small estate, ranch 6 , 8600 hectares of farmland, 14,250 livestock long, more than 2440 slaves. In 1959, Wang Impala for a long time to participate in the rebellion and escape, the estate should be forfeited, then Gyangze at Work, taking into account the Department of Para in Tibet Twelve large manor estate, is of special significance, it was proper security . Subsequently, the county party committee and county government to carry out a number of maintenance. Impala Park is now the only well-preserved Tibetan nobles of the old manor. 57 of the existing housing estate, the main three-storey building complete package, elegant decoration, with Jing-tang, the drawing room, bedroom, there are special Wanma Jiang hall. Room Liang Dong paintings, magnificent. Jing-tang elaborate furnishings, books, shrines well-preserved; bedroom, jade dazzling gold and silver; There was nobility Paraiba left over from the luxury food, dishes, wine imports, imports of white vinegar, precious fur clothing, avoiding the extravagant, Parra was again a lively family life of luxury King. The main building, the display of whips, chains, and other instruments of torture, the House also kept the old prison, which is the aristocracy of serfs in Tibet. Still maintain the original appearance of the House Health and Long 13, the Health and Long housing, overcrowding, low, dark, is like a cage, with the aristocratic luxury flats in sharp contrast. Now Me-estate and Latin America and more water stone domestic animal and poultry, similar to the overall layout of the garden, usually very quiet.

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