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Wodegongjie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

High mountain uplift the summer of 1981, I Zhalang County, Shannan Prefecture and Kyrgyzstan to a rural Clay beads of young farmers, boat ride along the Brahmaputra, to the well-known to visit the Monastery. Ship to the river, around a piece of white, like sailing in the ocean-like, toward the lower reaches of a chance, I found that there uplift Huge mountains, towering high in the blue sky and white clouds above. It is the kind of big, so large that it surprised me; it is as high, so high I could not believe that the sky as if to lay down a curtain, like the land to grow a screen, blocking the flow of the Brahmaputra, cover Banbi the southeast sky. A few years ago I often bring a Shannan go, how such a mountain of indomitable spirit, there will be no special attention to it? Leaning against the side, I side of the mountains, talk about again and again on the side. Although Zhu Ke is a farmer, is well-known living Buddha Temple to Kyrgyzstan's son, history, religion, folk knowledge is very rich. He said: "Teacher, this Hill called Wodegongjie, it is not an ordinary mountain, it is all the snow-capped mountains of Tibet's god father. Those of the greatest, the most famous snow-capped mountains of the gods, and his son. You look up Tibetan ancient books, it knows. "Back to Lhasa, the rush to ask exactly well-known scholar at the White Puncog, Mr. Dan, Mr. learned, Modest degree, for those of us who come after scholars. Always try to do everything possible to meet. He spent a lot of long satin wrapped up the book for a long time and finally said to find a basis. He said: "Wodegongjie possession of the snow-covered soil is the oldest mountain, the most primitive mountain, as early as before the formation of the world have. He first lived in it, turned volatile void, married Russian Tong Tai Chi Wei Fei, 921 gave birth to her son, as the issue of the proliferation of rain so complex; Xiafan later in the possession of the snow-covered soil, the Treasury married Sakang Ma Wei Fei, Health Green read a Tangla, na-day Lake, which Lacan cloth, such as shampoo Yala nine snow-capped mountains of God, it is well-known of these snow God the Father, "From then on, this would Sanchi father live in my heart, as it is majestic, as strange and mysterious way, so that the total Shenchi to my heart. Wodegongjie to more than one occasion I Kamiyama interviewed around the investigation, collection of folk Customs, to pay respect to its majestic appearance. Kamiyama around there are many historical sites, Old temples, scenic spots and geological wonders. Kamiyama Wodegongjie in the west of Cai Gang, had a famous temple of the snow-covered Deng satyr, which is to teach white Pago Duojijiebu Zushi Ye Guozhu were built. The first is only a small Mao Peng and a closed-door retreat of the Meditation Cave, and later developed into more than 300,000 square The giant macro structure. All together, as permitted, Sengshe pagoda are huge rocks Leiqi. Scattered high and low, magnificent, and Yan Feng Jun Qiao's cliff into. Passage corridors, by the turn of the road, tortuous, embedded in cliffs, like Block, a maze of confusing people. Deng is a satyr Pago Gaju Pai Chu's ancestors , From eight separate branches all over North and South Brahmaputra. Later, the temple by the Long family's control. The fourteenth century AD, the family established a dynasty is the East, the rule of Tibet amounted to two or three hundred years. In the last century the vast number of years, Deng has been satyr emperor is the East is East and the family dynasty religious collar And spiritual support. Early summer 1979, I have been searching for the famous temple, the temple has been found collapsed and became a big soul-stirring people to the ruins, only those sky high stone wall, under the setting sun in a flash of the past glory; also There are birds of Tijiao one after another, echoing an ancient medieval times Yin Yu. Sang in the day in the mountains near the county seat, there is a famous Buddhist temple when Kama, is said to the ancient temple in the mountains there is a nun, there is a foot of the mountain Lama Miao. Later, the Brahmaputra rose water, to wash away Lama Miao, who moved to Lama Temple nuns staying in the mountains, the temple has become the co-repair of the temple monks and nuns. About ten year The latter part of the century, when the Kama to the Temple of Dingdingtaiming a nun, Ma Jila name is Jane, she had to practice in various parts of Tibet and preaching missionary, and later became a monk India Padang Basang Jie Fei Ming, the original Her own religious sect, beat by singing, carrying forward the doctrine. She can be said to be the first female Tibetan Living Buddha, the first A religious woman, she lived to more than 90 years old, Zuohua in the temple when the Kama. In the temple of the "Cultural Revolution" was completely destroyed, and now the initial repair. Sang on the hills near the county seat, is a day in San Castle, the majestic castle is gone. However, the owner of the castle for generations, The local people in memory and legend. V, the Dalai Lama, he noted that the fourth section (which means Wang Explorer) Lausanne map, and because Shannan King family is a woman fornication, which is religious will never be allowed to five Dalai Lama very angry, ready to punish him severely, then think of Lausanne Tudor With its own for many years, and many people's behalf, leaving him a note of the first of a cause, he sang in the long-term residence in Japan, then on, people call him "Sang Wang on the outgoing Explorer." After about five or 60 years, the owner of the Potala Palace, the Dalai Lama is not a V, and VII, but the Dalai Lama Kelsang measures. His father, Luo Sangda Born in Gyangze. Wude Qin Qiong Jie in the day as a Lama Temple, Drepung Monastery in Lhasa as a servant in the politically lonely. Sure enough, then me in a lot of trouble, the Yongzheng Emperor Beijing, he called for questioning. Du Xia De Gouqiang the beginning of the whole family, and later to the stern of the famous emperor did not punish him, but he The title of a Duke, a Banci an Indian gold. Back to Lhasa, in the very fortunate, but also deeply political risk, take the initiative to find a quiet place to live free, old age take care of themselves. Him Packet Dalai VII to the Shanqingshuixiu Sang, here lived a life of Lin. Now there are old buildings, as far as VII is the Dalai Lama's father left behind. Kamiyama's west and north, from the snow-capped mountains Wodegongjie Woka flow down the river, the river all year round jet beads spit-and Pentium roaring, Xuelang fly over. Woka heard of the name, or the Yellow Sect in person since the founder Tsongkhapa, love Wodegongjie Kamiyama, Shun Ward Members Snow meaning of God. Over the past 20 years, the Government has built four river hydro-electric power stations, particularly in the upper reaches of the station level, to invest more than 10 million, power generation and Lake Services is not bad. I interviewed Woka power station site, have had to pay respect to the master Tsongkhapa the establishment of the first song of the Horyuji, and standing on top of the Yan Feng Card Castle. The castle briefly Shannan, Lhasa, Lin spent three hub of the war in the past years, this is a special Xianyao military fortress. Woka around, there are seven well-known hot springs, hot springs, steaming hot, ha waves, water color changes with the scenery, rich in minerals, can cure all diseases legend, benefits Yannian. Tibet's history, many celebrities have a hot spring bath in the Woka record. Northbound on the hillside, to be built in the tenth century AD has a view of the Temple. Since 1856, the temple next to a farmer, was born twelve Dalai Lama Gyatso Chek out, it's a higher profile. South Wodegongjie , Is the mother of Tibet's Yarlung Zangbo River, in Cameron Hirano, Jiang's broad face, choppy. Wodegongjie to the foot of the mountain, all of a sudden contraction Valley, Canyon has become deep and steep, from the county on the San Nubu angle, to increase the check county at the foot of Budan La, the entire process more than 30 kilometers, the two sides that is five More than a thousand meters Yan Feng Queen waves in the middle of the cascade waterfall-shaped, the distance between the two in some places only three to 40 meters. The most famous is by Negin and cachoeira falls, ups and downs, waves vacated, Mikhail rocks, magnificent. Each year between spring and summer, the plateau in large numbers of fish in the build-up here, to the upper reaches of the migration, the river's rolling by playing In the first turn, the shining white of a large floating, fish has become a local mountain to select an important source of income, is also an interesting folk activities of the south bank of the Brahmaputra, the ancient royal palace on Latin America and the Caribbean, is said to the Tibetan King Songtsan Gambo Future generations, although the palace has been worn, or a special Light tourist attractions. Kamiyama Wodegongjie the east, is to increase the check county area of forest snow-capped mountains, towering Xuefeng, deep valleys, bright flowers everywhere, herb fragrance. The setting of the forest grouse, Mi deer, musk deer, clouded leopard, and other rare birds and animals, rich Fritillaria, Chinese caterpillar fungus, such as the Chinese precious medicinal herbs, there are a number of Bi Mysterious small lake, embedded deep in the middle of Niseko. Ancient Buddhist monk living Buddha of the view that many Tibetan habitats in the lake law of God, God is called holy water lake. For example, Guo Jie Qu Temple to the north of the measures auspicious day Ramla al soul Lake, is said to be able to indicate the Lakers view of the former generations, good and bad fortune of life and death. The Dalai Lama passed away in every generation, Buda Senior monks to send officials here to look at Lake Lake Festival, to observe the new reincarnation of the Dalai Lama in what direction, where, what other people. Although this lake is located in a remote God, rough road, particularly bad weather conditions, wind and rain snow hail and volatile, but to come here every year to Lake View Lake Festival, or the stream. A Legend has it that the ancient myth of a long time ago in a long time ago, the world has just been formed, a time when humanity has just appeared, the snow-capped mountains De Gongjie God, in the possession of the land of snow to the side of the Brahmaputra. Its tall body, mild temperament, integrity and courage, by far the gods of the snow-capped mountains all admire and respect. And it was Kamiyama Sang and his wife formed Russia and Latin America, has given birth to nine children, sons and daughters under the tutelage of their parents, grow up healthy and happy, one inherited the virtues of their parents, hard-working, courageous, people-loving, compassionate head last name, so Wodegongjie And the area around its mid-favorable weather, bumper crops, livestock Biaofeitizhuang, has never made Wars and plagues, earthquakes and famine, Lai Man people living in a prosperous and peaceful world. Later, there was a time when the fortunes of the world has changed, many people bless the people of the gods in the sky to look for the return of Hong Wonderland, in the Paradise Paradise went live. Unfortunately, many of the disaster and people come . Year after year, barren land, crop production year after year, natural disasters, livestock infected with plague, people were Bingmochanshen, a very difficult life. Many of the elderly and young people together to discuss, we said that was why we place such a disaster? This is the God for the snow-capped mountains, river god, god of land have left us because. God heard Wodegongjie great many sons and daughters, we should request it to be allocated to our children so that they act as the patron saint of all places. As a result, we go to the local Wodegongjie to Kamiyama and his wife made the request. Big Wodegongjie think of the danger around quickly agreed to send its sons and daughters to go around the snow-covered as a guardian angel. It sent a son to northern Tibet, the Qing Nian Tang La made a snow-capped mountains of God; then sent to a daughter in the eastern region of the cloth workers, the workers get the name of the goddess Zide Mu; a son sent to the region Lhozhag made Library Kong on the snow-capped mountains of God; another son, Cameron sent to the region, made a shampoo Yala Snow Mountain of God; assigned to a son before and after the Tibetan border, Mr. Tomka heat made snow-capped mountains of God; youngest daughter Mozhugongka sent to the region, When the snow-capped mountains of Palawan to protect God, the name of al heap Chak Mun goddess. Youngest son sent to Ke-Jie Qu Lin Ramla area as measures to protect God's Spirit Lake, Li Ming Jiaoda fruit. Son and daughter settled down to up to bid farewell to their parents in preparation for departure, the big Wodegongjie God said to them: "You are the protector of the land of snow around the family's food and keep livestock is useless to you at Brought, Fu side it! "It's the yak and horse to the northern Tibet to the son; the mule, Pianniu to the public to the daughter of cloth; to the corner to the door is the daughter of rice and corn; go to the Lhozhag is the son of peas and Livestock; given to the son of Emperor Cameron highland barley, wheat and rapeseed; to go to sleep at Mu Kala is the son of goats and cotton ; Maizhokunggar go to the sub-region is the daughter of the horse and mule. Only the youngest son of Xinjiang reached fruit, usually do not listen to parents, and hot-tempered and mischievous, nothing has been assigned to the final. Finally, couples Wodegongjie God said: "We are old and the weak, leaving only a little dairy and cattle on the line." After many years of Snow brought their children for food and livestock have been breeding and development, such as the northern Tibet Yak very prosperous; the Shannan area Cameron has become the "granary of Tibet"; cloth workers and mule-rich region Pianniu; the Himalayas To the south corner of the door, is the rice and corn production. Woka area until today, people still Often like feeding cattle and dairy cattle, maintained a good trend ancient.

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