Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nianchu River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xigaze Prefecture of the total land area of 17,600,000 hectares of arable land area of 79,500 hectares, 75,000 hectares sown area year or so, mainly in the Brahmaputra, Nianchu River, Peng Qu River valley area. Reclamation of wasteland have yet to 33,000 hectares. The whole area of grassland region 9,466,000 Ares, can be used with an area of 7,333,000 hectares. In addition to the grasslands along the lake water area of lush, mostly mountain-meadow ranch. Possession of the South Valley is the best quality of the grass in Tibet region, "butter Sangsang Gamba sheep," famous for possession of the whole. Lin Yi grass meadow valley has more than 20,000 hectares, where sufficient water of good quality of the grass, Should be the development of artificial grasslands, the development of modern animal husbandry has a huge potential. Located in the western region of Zhongba, Saga, and so on Ngamring County ranch is important.

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