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Shannan tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shannan Prefecture is the Gangdise Range Mountains and south of the Hill, Shannan Prefecture Qushui Brahmaputra northward to the bridge connecting Lhasa, Xigaze to the west to the east arrived in Tibet on average above sea level is the lowest in the Nyingchi. Ancient legends monkeys change occurred in the capital of Shannan Prefecture - the town of Zetang, Zetang in the Tibetan language is the meaning of the "monkey The play ", which has been passed down for thousands of years of legend and coincides with Darwin's Origin of Species, quite magical. In Shannan, many ancient buildings and sites, from the earliest palace to the largest group of ancient tombs, and then The most ancient temples. In Shannan, and many were seemingly without mass of mountains and temples may have a long History and culture in Tibet has a pivotal position.

  Shannan Prefecture is located in the Yalong He basin, known as the Yarlung. According to the literature and folklore, as well as a large number of archaeological discoveries have proved that about 400 million years ago, Tibetan ancestors evolved on the Yalong He River Basin. Zetang heat in the vicinity of this Sa A movie called "When the cord" of the land, according to legend was the first piece of farmland in Tibet.

  Blair testifies to the ancestors from farming into the wild, gradually formed a tribe. 2, BC century and the beginning of the first king of Tibet Nie Chi-po is a real grind-ya early tribal leaders. He established a "fan" of the Kingdom, indeed PO of the hereditary system. PO Gong only eighth in the period, created a precedent for the construction of the mausoleum. At that time, the Yarlung tribe from the matriarchal social development in the male line to the clan society.

  Shannan Prefecture of Tibet and other places in the world, most of the beliefs of the masses of Tibetan Buddhism, the people of Taught by full respect for the beliefs and normal religious activities of the Constitution and the People's Republic of China and the Tibet Autonomous Region, the protection of the law, and the people enjoy full freedom of religious belief. At present, there are temples Shannan Prefecture, Lacan, and so on up 251 places of worship, to meet the basic people's religious Demand. In order to protect the ordinary religious believers to carry out normal religious activities and the clergy have engaged in legitimate religious activities of the place, the state has invested 16,160,000 yuan for the repair of temples and cultural relics protection. The Cultural Revolution was the destruction of the temple no.

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