Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Color My Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xigaze forest in the south county, 70 km from the county seat, 4700 meters above sea level. Monastery have been thousands of years of history, from Nyingma, there have been a big Jing-tang, 11 halls of the main worship Buddha as a master Padmasambhava. In 1984, the original temple on the ruins of a large repair by the Church Hall and 9 for master Padmasambhava 3 . Terauchi possession of 16 treasures, there is a disability certificate from the single-song capsule Niger Terma Valley excavated the main statue of Padmasambhava three as the Karmapa's shoes and blank lines mother of measures beneficial Xijia pestle King Kong, Blackstone, D - The conch, stone in the master Padmasambhava on the right hand left fingerprints, and so on. Brown in the mountains north of the temple there are three practice holes and the Buddhist temple. Every Tibetan Dec. 22-30, the Monastery and Dance held Qugui ceremony.

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