Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hot Latin Yong Zhong Lin Monastery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hot Latin Yong Zhong Lin Monastery is located in Xigaze Prefecture forest areas in Southern slave Ma Yu Heung Raj foothills, is the larger territory of Tibet, the deeper impact of a Bon temple. Species of trees around the temple full and pleasant weather, quiet environment, 90 km from Xigaze City, Otake card in the ferry line Jiangbei over 4 km, an altitude of 3750 . Monastery was built in the 7th century Tibetan king of Songtsan Gambo period, but the 8th century AD when they were destroyed. Bon in 1834 by Jiang presume the main gun by the Dawa Gyaincain X VIII of the Dalai Lama and Panchen Erdeni and the prince regent presided over the construction of the agreement. In 1959 listed as key state protection of the temple. When There are a large Jing-tang, Hall 5, 7 and Culture Village, more than 500 followers of benzene. Dukang hall is the main Monastery building, the hall 64 column, is the Monastery of the major religious sites. On both sides of the hall for about Gan Dan Chu Chu Lacan and Jacques Lacan, positive for the assembly hall, assembly hall in front of the Temple Block, 29 Column. Dian-zhong of the main worship statues: Tantric Benzun large golden weed, the Goddess Drolma, Bon founder Sim Rao, the door on Temple (Temple of Bon ancestors in South County forest has been destroyed), founder of the United States to study hi RAO Jian Chan As well as hot Latin Jiang Yong Zhong Lin Monastery founder of the Dawa Gyaincain gun, and so, texture and more copper to gold. Dukang from the hall The class, is a circular promenade around the promenade in addition to the Temple, there are the self-cultivation room monk, to preserve the instruments used in library collections, as well as by the successive version of the printed version by the chamber. Temple on the eastern side of a "Zhuola Kang Tong" (meaning "will be able to see the Hall of relief"), covers an area of 80 square meters. The original hall for 5-ling , Has been one of the largest gun Jiang Dawa Gyaincain dedicated to the restoration, repair, after about 5 meters dedicated to high, the murals of the main hall for the purple-red gun Dawa Gyaincain, surrounded by Bon Rao's founder Sim 4 As the increase. In the east-Zhuola Kang, an area of 40 square meters of hall, memorial tablets from the Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of the arrival of 1000 Raozu division of the gold-plated statue; on the north side of the temple, Khenpo living in Latin America to allow that area of 90 square meters, the hall hanging Xin Rao Benzun Tantric and the number of pieces of Thangka, also serves as Khenpo Monastery of the throne; the Northwest Side "Zhuokang" (Buddhist Temple), covers an area of 40 square meters, the hall dedicated to the gods protect the law, there is a Jiang gun Dawa Gyaincain dedicated to the small gold-plated copper, the tower is said to a collection of his hands, feet and he used the instruments used. Hot Latin Yong Zhong Lin Monastery of the day-to-day activities of religious ritual, Qu Gui, a long net, retreat, such as preaching, but the most important is the doctrine of academic activities of the reply. The existing 65 monks. Per year Tibetan calendar on January 7 to 15, April, May 29 and August have to reply, reply the way through the test "so that Mr Pakistan" degree. Bon Monastery in a prominent position, the Bon Khenpo Temple Monastery to be appointed.

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