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Yongbulakang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongbulakang Naidong County, Shannan Prefecture is located about 5 kilometers to the southeast, a day after Mingjiaozhaxi a hill. The shape of the building bunkers, high-rise on top, very conspicuous, is the construction of the first palace in Tibet. "Yong cloth" as the wife of your youth and Italy Tibetan, Tashi the next day because of the shape of the mountain named after the wife of your youth; "Lacan," meaning the Temple, West of Shandong in the north to the next day, about 400 meters there is a "gar-chuen," the spring, the Four Seasons chain and a long stream, it is said that this spring water can cure all diseases, Yongbulakang to the worship of the common people more than the water Purification.

Yongbulakang Tibet is the first PO Chek Nie live in the palace, 20 0 years, the hall for Songtsan Gambo and Princess Wencheng, such as a statue. The initial Yongbulakang only a small palace, after the expansion of the fifth Dalai Lama, before becoming a Buddhist temple. In addition to the now part of the Sengfang, there is a calendar for the Dalai Lama this week to live when the bedroom. Yongbulakang main worship Buddha Sakyamuni. The murals inside the palace, vividly depicts the first king of Tibet, the first building, a historical story of arable land.
Yongbulakang divided into two parts, the front is a multi-storey buildings, the rear of the square is a high-level bunker afford Connected with the front. 5th century AD, King Toto Chan-time study, a Buddhist legend appear out of the blue, or just Yongbulakang in the palace roof, no one can know at the time. Saints have asserted that by the year 7-8 on the century was able to read this book. Therefore, this book was very well preserved in Yongbulakang. 7th century AD, King Songtsan Gambo capital Lhasa, Yongbulakang gradually evolved into a permitted. The first layer is the possession of the ancient Dian, in the middle is a statue of Buddha, the Buddha is on the left side of the Red King Nie PO, is the right of the King Songtsan Gambo. Arranged along the left wall were: Minister Sang Buzha capable of Songtsan Gambo, the king of Sundby Chan, Chan King Toto read. Arranged along the right wall is king of the Palestinian Red hot towel, Wu Song, another Songtsan Gambo Minister Chan-Ga East.

Upstairs is a very beautiful, refined by the Church, is the main worship Buddha and Guanyin Buddha. Guanyin Yongbulakang like the old thing, and the Potala Palace is said to Pagbalha Zhu Gong Yin is the contemporary. Surrounded by beautiful murals painted on the wall, about the early history of Tibet, the most famous of which rely on a few to the left of the first generation of a king of red Nie PO story.
Yongbulakang the top of a tower is, said to Princess Wencheng to Tibet

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