Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yadong Parry - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Parry from the Oriental Valley of the United States and the landscape was really amazing, the road in the valley fracture special geographical area, from temperate to frigid zone of the plant distribution, its beautiful scenery people dizzy. Majiao son about the wonders of memory is not hypocritical, which is going through a mud-rock flows, after the collapse of the beautiful scenery of heartfelt praise, it may be Praise is the most significant. More than 30 years ago for the first time I have to Yadong, is to catch up with azaleas in full bloom season, a round, a film, family clusters of flowers like a magpie Mrs Tan as red, I did not expect Mother Nature will reveal the place out The beauty of this scorching. This time, the flowering is over, there was really Regret.

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