Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jiuquan ancient tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The renowned Chinese and foreign Jiuquan gate Ding Wei and Jin tomb murals, painted in the Tang Dynasty Xigou Moyin brick tomb paintings are located in rural orchards Ding Village Gate and the second group of six West Village. Ding Bang Bo in his tomb murals gate of the momentum, dashing brush strokes Lik Lin outlined the East serene nobility, love the Queen Mother of the West, Teng drive to the fog Pegasus, the long Yannian White Deer The graceful flowing feathers, together with the owner of a large map Yanju fling, and that the Chuilatanchang Leji concentrate attentively look, as if to enable visitors to hear the melodious tune of the millennium. Rest for the time being, let us return as a tomb, Xigou Moyin brick tomb of the Tang Dynasty style fascinated even more, it's absolutely sophisticated signs, power and prestige shiver with fear Knights of the guards of honor, Chuixiao shells of Phyllostachys Leji, the Hantaikeju Zhu Chu, the face of fierce defender, and a lotus flower shop where the pieces of brick, in the full mosaic of two rooms before and after the fight took top with gorgeous palace. A rough count, before and after only two indoor processed more than 1,400 pieces of bricks there. Since 1990, the national City and provincial departments of culture and support the efforts of the Jiuquan Museum, a few hundred thousand dollars to invest in the gate Ding, Xigou build a visitors reception room, office facilities, and so on, each year from May 1 to October 15, scenic areas There are professionals involved in on the reception to welcome friends from all sectors of the community tourism.

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