Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Xiongguan the world" monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Xiongguan the world," the monument, Jiayuguan in the west tower. Chia-ching of 14 years (1809), Suzhou Zong Bing Li Tingchen defense to Jiayuguan inspection, customs, see the magnificent potential, they wrote "the world Xiongguan" words later inscribed into the monument, an Jiayuguan Square in Dongguan Road left. And then moved to the Kansai 165.7 m Department. Ride south to north, the monument 3 meters high, 85 cm wide. "Xiongguan the world," words, words each 59 cm high, 45 cm wide. Right upper cut and his small print: "14 years Jiaqing Suzhou Zong Bing Li Tingchen the fourth book."

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