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Jiuquan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuquan in northwestern Gansu Province, located in the city, the western end of the Hexi Corridor, according to the South Qilian Mountains, Inner Mongolia, north, east Lanzhou-west end of the Great Wall of Jiayuguan; high-lying south-west, north-east lower basin was tilted, 1340 ~ 2200 meters above sea level. The city has 17 large and small rivers, originated in the Qilian Mountains, the annual average Traffic 698,000,000 cubic meters, the average annual groundwater reserves of 852,000,000 cubic meters. The average annual temperature is 7.3 ?, the average annual precipitation 85 mm. Jiuquan city is an emerging new type of open cities, Jiuquan is also the region's political, economic and cultural center.

  Jiuquan since Emperor Kano 2002 (the year 121 BC), when they set up Jiuquan County, since 2100 has been years, was leading to Central Asia, West Asia, and Europe's transport hub, is the ancient "Silk Road" on the throat. There are many scenic spots and historical sites, there are well-known sites of the Western Han Dynasty - the ancient Jiuquan; on the ground floor gallery - murals of the Eastern Jin Dynasty; On behalf of the Building - Bell-Drum; "Xiao Xitian" - Monju Hill; and a vast area of the Han, Jin and Han Tombs, Tang, Yuan, Ming and the ancient city, and other historical sites and cultural relics. Tang Dynasty poet Wang Han made by the "grape wine Remanbar want to drink at once a reminder pipa, the battlefield Zuiwo-Mo laugh, a few people back to the ancient battle," the poem referred to Light Cup is from Jiuquan in the beginning of the Qilian Yu Sato from the Qilian Mountains, a large number of tourists come here especially, to see each other soon and to purchase, have been selling more than 40 countries and regions. Jiuquan city of Gansu Province is an important grain production bases and north to Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, to the west of the commercial center of agricultural and sideline products is also set , Is also opening up new tourist cities.

  Jiuquan "under the city-chuen," "If the water wine," so named. , Fell across the territory of mountains, vast deserts, adjacent to the basin, constitute a powerful unique scenery in the northwest. Silver-wrapped only adornment of the glacier snow as well as streams of blue plain oasis There's Gobi desert mirage. The unique scenery of scenic spots, is a desirable tourist's paradise.

  Since the beginning of the Western Han Dynasty, this is leading to the Central Plains to the Western Regions of Central Asia, Europe and the gateway to the throat, transportation has a long history of the famous Silk Road running through the whole territory. Jiuquan in the brilliant Culture, architecture is the most brilliant page in the stands proudly Han Feng Sui Great Wall, has also kept the same wall with the soil to become China's history of the building in line with local conditions using a model of technical measures. A beautiful city, the pursuit of modern and ancient art add radiance to each other.

  Jiuquan With boundless natural charm. And the vast Gobi Desert on each stone, Nengjiang Chu has a story. Immense black gravel, I do not know the scorching sun or the ancient battlefield of the war burned it emitted light of the ancient and charming. No-day birds, to no vegetation on the golden sand, soft flowing lines, Solidification of the mud waves, the flow of the sky. Apart from the fact Sanweishan, Mingsha Shan, the god of Crescent Moon Spring, the surprising beauty of modern glaciers is enough to make pleasant nostalgia. Here a crystal-like stones in the world, so that Feelings of the ancient Silk Road oasis to be linked, like a bunch of emerald hung in front of the Great Gobi magnanimous. Pass along the Qilian Mountains in the south by the formation of a higher number of alluvial fan, resulting in Novaya, Red Hill, the Buddhist temple, at Fung Lok, clean water, upgrade the Tuen Mun Oasis. Oasis for the flood plain and gravel beaches. To the east of the ancient sediment-arid desert wind erosion and residue Hill. The northern and central parts of the river and spring water for the river landscape interwoven Into an oasis, relatively flat surface. For the western edge of the Gobi Gravel. Shengongguifu nature, to create many win-shaped mountains and rivers, sight. Qilian Mountains in the south, range upon range of hills peaks again and again, thousands of miles Miangen, Heng Kong born, high-rise skyline; the northern part of Ma Zongshan, rocky, desert widespread; corridor in the central plain of each piece of oasis Fruit is a rural, each field is a 1 m granary. Such as the Bi-like blanket beautiful grassland, Gunma sheep and white clouds drift like white clouds in the sky after another. All this constitutes a beautiful picture.

  After the founding of the PRC, especially since the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Party, Jiuquan City, people of all ethnic groups Holding reform, opening up and enliven the policy to carry out a large-scale economic construction and reform. Industrial development in the city adhere to the new expansion of both large and small projects simultaneously, combined with the connotation of the road extension, effectively increasing the potential for industrial development. At present, paper, printing, box system, asbestos products, production, construction Materials, textile, metal, arts and crafts, rubber, daily-use chemicals, machinery processing, food and drink, clothing and footwear, wood furniture, and other industrial sectors, nearly 200 kinds of products. Remanbar which, mixed with water gas producer, were Jiuquan liquor by the Ministry of Light Industry, Department of Commerce Award for quality products, 12 kinds of products won the province Title. Traffic in the city very convenient, Lan-Xin Railway, the Gansu-Xinjiang Highway, the road runs through the payment of wine throughout, leading to civil aviation flights around the country, local roads criss-crossing, extending in all directions, the opening of passenger and cargo village in the city up to 100%.

  The spring market economy, and ushered in the business of reform and opening up A good time, Li Xin City, New Century Commerce Building, New Asia, such as shopping centers built Nanyuan delivery, to further improve commercial facilities, Gansu west for the establishment of regional trade laid the foundation for the city.

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