Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jiayuguan glider base - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiayuguan City is located 12 km north-east of the Department of Civil Aviation Base, is one of the world gliding of the three bases. France in 1980 through the first meteorological satellite found that the rising air currents Jiayuguan, the National Education Committee organized, Jiayuguan in the establishment of a unique natural conditions are very favorable gliding base, at present, the base has been For gliding to a comprehensive aviation-based club a year will be held here in July of the international activities of the gliding section. Jiayuguan glider base covers an area of 100 acres, 8 of the existing campaign plane, a glider 10, including the progress made No. 7, Yang Jin-day Tartu 2, a two-seater Romania 28; In addition Bees have an aircraft, 2 hot-air balloon and glider equipped with a slope, the slope umbrella, high-altitude flight oxygen equipment, gliding facilities. The base has a high level of professionalism flight team, to carry out multi-gliding tourism.

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