Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bay Bridge Old City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bay Bridge, Old City is located 88 km east Anxi, the National Highway on the south side of Highway 312. Even here East Jiayuguan in the west of Dunhuang International Tourism City, the Great Wall of the Han Dynasty from the East and West, from across the north of the city. City Gallery was rectangular, 320 meters east, 122 meters north-south, the Loess version of the building, the wall to preserve a more complete, high residual 5-8 , The two north-south, yet both stack and the tower remains of the wall, the city has 1.40 Kok pier, the city's Road East and West have the housing and construction of the temple ruins, west, south, etc. are housing construction sites. Kangxi Bay Bridge Night's Dream City, cutting off corrupt officials angry at his son's Chen Jin-shan legend, the famous Old City.

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