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Mingsha Shan, Crescent Moon Spring - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mingsha Shan - Crescent Lake scenic area, located in Dunhuang, Gansu Province, 5 km south of the city. In the past the "coexistence spring, sand water symbiosis," said the wonderful landscape of the world, known as "absolutely one of the scenery beyond the Great Wall" in 1994 was designated as national key scenic spots.

  Mingsha Shan, Crescent Moon Spring and the high-Mo Art into the landscape is Songnam Dunhuang myself, "must b" and a longing for the people of China and the world tourist destination.

Mingsha Shan, as a result of moving sand are named after the sound. Gu Cheng, "Sha Shan", "Dune God." Hill has accumulated sand from east to west about 40 km south 20 km wide, the maximum altitude of 1715 meters. Sand Hill ridge of its back-to-back, where they are needed most, such as Feng, Qiu From a distance, fell into the long winding down, You Si in the sea waves coming down, is spectacular. Sand pink, yellow, green, white and black colors do not flash James Yi-Chen Ching-ying. In case of vibration friction, hopes it will sound, if light silk , Such as heavy thunder. Therefore, "Ling Qing Ming" as dunhuang "Eight".


Crescent Moon Spring is surrounded by Mingsha Shan, its crescent-shaped like Yi Wan named after. Gu Cheng, "manhole", also known as "drug-chuen," was circulating around town, "Ottawa pool depression," rectifying the name of the Qing Dynasty, "Crescent Moon Spring." Area of 0.8 Ha, with an average water depth of about 3 meters, Ganlie water, clear as a mirror. Dune thousands of years without being buried Stephen ring, located in the arid desert and not muddy spring water does not dry up, real rare. Stephen stars in grass containing Mans, Gulang iron fish, scenery Xiangyingchengqu Shui-Guang, the scenery is very beautiful.

  Crescent Moon Spring is about 300 meters, About 50 meters and was surrounded by around Mingsha Shan, Topol Quanbian arch, Stephen leisurely fish in water, spring water Light blue, clear, mellow, sweet taste, similar to the surface as a result of Yi Wan named after the crescent. Crescent Moon Spring, the dream of fans. For thousands of years for the non-submerged and around the quicksand, not because of drought and the depletion of the world can be sand The first-chuen, wow amazing.

Mingsha Shan, Crescent Moon Spring is the Gobi desert in a pair of twin sisters, "Shan-ming to Ling and therefore, water and spirit to show benefit." Visitors to this, whether a bird's eye view from the top, or to walk through Quanbian will Shen Chi Wai, Xiasi million, there are "Mingsha Shan Yue, Crescent Moon Spring cleaning "Feeling.

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