Thursday, January 1, 2009

Qilian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The average in the Qilian Mountains 4,000 meters above sea level -5000 m, the landscape spectacular CMV.

The Qilian Mountains forest area, 157,000 hectares, more than 200 million cubic meters of forest resources, spruce, juniper, poplar trees and so on and whip Ma, black gill, Liu Shan, and other shrubs. Green is Province, one of the larger forest. The Qilian Mountains have a deer in the forests Setsurei; Xuelian, is made up of silkworm, Snow Mountain for the Qilian snow line, "Friends of the three Suihan."

  The Qilian Mountains have never quite clear four seasons, spring does not like spring, summer, unlike the summer. The so-called "Sabina Liuyuexue" is the natural landscape and climate in Qilian Mountains of writing .

  The Qilian Mountains forest area is even more fascinating scenery, the beginning of summer, the mountains in an endless ocean of green. The Qilian Mountains forest area, 157,000 hectares, more than 200 million cubic meters of forest resources. Qinghai Province is one of the larger forest. There are spruce, juniper Poplar trees, such as Ma and the whip, and stabbed, Liu Shan, and other shrubs. In addition, the Qilian Mountains Setsurei dense forest, much of wandering or running deer, or around the meantime, the Wild strong, beautiful ecology.

  Qilian Mountains in the Valley and low-lying land, an average of more than 3000 meters above sea level; and Qilian Lang Feng as a high peak in 4000-5000 m above. Lu snow on the ice all the way, Hanfengcigu. However, you have a dizzying can enjoy viewing the natural beauty. Each of the Qilian mountain was magnificent momentum appears to be, is called "Shi Zhengrong bones, birds Road site wrong." By snow and ice and rock Cemented strangely shaped, clear edges and corners of the ridge veins, like a giant with carved Fupi general. As a result of high mountain snow and the formation of broad-suk of glaciers, snow-capped mountains that is a must! Glacier melting is not long, as if the gods who go in the snow-capped mountains, were the white "hada." Thousands of them, lying in the snow-capped mountains Such as white tiger hide, such as Yin Yi coil; in the midday sun exposure, like a diamond cluster million issued by the radiance; in the rays of color dyeing, the glaciers have not describe the magnificent!

  Qilian Mountains in more than River, because this is a year-round coverage of the snow-capped mountains, endless glaciers; every time came to the warm, sunny Association Out of the top layer of snow and ice; coupled with the rain forest, the water-Pei, is not the source of many river.

Low-lying land along the river valley, into the wild is a piece of willow, poplar, and Congcongcucu the locust. They are only appears to be ancient, vigorous and distorted, so you get old without They estimated the ring. From their sparkling stream in the middle of the river Babao, the quality is not very harmonious. However, this does not hurt Babao River Daya.

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