Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jiuquan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuquan Park, also known as Stephen Lake Park, located in Jiuquan City, 2 km east, as a result of the garden there is named after Jiuquan, has been more than two thousand years of history, is set to a classical gardens, the lake of natural and cultural recreation, fun and entertainment in one Comprehensive park.

  Jiuquan, as a result of legend in the Stephen King, so also known as "Gimcheon." History Emperor Yuanshou 2002 (AD 121), riding a white horse, General Huo Qubing Hun Western Expedition, this victory, the Emperor Yu Jiu thanks to reward, to Huoqu Bing Gong in the armed forces, less liquor and more people, then Stephen dump in the wine, and the officers and men of Gongyin, it is "Jiuquan" in the name.

  Imaizumi in Utah, landscape architecture, has decorated archway Fluffy, well-preserved. Park of the Qing Dynasty, "Jiuquan sites of the Western Han Dynasty" and "Ancient Chinese Jiuquan County," Stone, and General Tso hand-written "The Good Earth Daigo" horizontal inscribed board, Jiuquan become a tourist trip and must visit. Jiuquan bell in the Drum Tower stands in the city of Jiuquan Cross Street, a brick pier on the high. For the three-tier structure of the wooden floor of the tower, Liang Dong paintings, antique, magnificent. Gulou under 4 to Dongnanxibei, pedestrians will be allowed through. Doors were title, "The North-Desert" (Badain Jaran Desert), "South Qilian hope," "East Hua Yue Ying", "Yiwu west" (Hamid), appropriate to indicate the geographical location and Jiuquan Italian transport .

  Ice-free winter, spring, summer, cool and delicious, suitable for drinking. Sunrise, about 30,000 cubic meters of water over spring water to infiltrate into a small lake to the north. Quanbian bypass along in the song by going inside, a rockery around the block a clean out of the lake as a mirror. A tall stone arch bridge, the lake into two. There lake Quqiao, rockeries, and other scenery. In the winter, the lake ice, where they became very good skating rink. Park on the west side of the zoo, there are a variety of birds, deer, bear, monkey, and so on, and in the middle of the Gansu panda, golden monkey, wild camel, yak and so on for visitors to watch.

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