Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Eastern Jin Dynasty murals - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuquan city of Gansu Province is located 42 km northwest of the Gobi Desert Office, where there is a sixteen countries in the Wei and Jin (220-420 years) during the great Graves. The Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420 years) tomb murals at the southern end of the Tombs of the Tao Chuang. Since the age of 70 is the only begun to tap, so it would not be familiar with the outside world. Wall Jude Biao Tomb of 12 meters, 2 meters high residual Feng Tu, 33 meters long ago, and 1.42 meters wide slopes through Mudao tomb, the tomb with the whole stack brick-built, two rooms before and after hours, the former chamber and the walls covered with color at the top of the screen , Only after the room in the posterior wall painting facilities. As the dry climate here, the basic well-preserved wall paintings, found in the Cimu Hexi Corridor is the first time the Eastern Jin Dynasty tomb murals. One of the myths and the people depicted so vividly in the portrait of life and work, in particular the adoption of the Sandinista murals, it is eye-catching. The tomb of the existing work as early as the Dunhuang frescoes.

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