Monday, February 9, 2009

Shen Tangyu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shen Tangyu natural scenic area 65 km away from Beijing Dongzhimen, Yanxi Hu south, west of the Great Wall Mutian Valley, the north-Lianquan ring, candle graft Hill. Produces dozens of local medicinal herbs, legend has been a physician for the creation of this drug together for the solution of the common people in addition to pain patients, therefore named "Shen Tangyu." Scenic spot in clean air, water, Pei, pure water, the world famous Yanxi Hu on the water source. Continuously flowing water all year round here, Cheongdam Qushui can be seen everywhere. Natural form of mandarin duck pond and water Longtan broad, clear water, visitors can water rowing. Steep peaks in the region, the natural rocks. Ji Gong God crown shape realistic, lifelike, Takahashi peak Camel Ridge, stone turtles, Phoenix TV, Shi Shi Feng, and other groups are uncanny workmanship, and fun. Rooms in scenic areas, the Ministry of Trade, restaurants, parking facilities and other services should be a complete and the start-up folk tourist projects. Visitors can board and lodging in the farm, people appreciate folk customs. At night, people can also ignite Fire, open-air dance hall in singing Kuang Wu. Traffic: Dongzhimen by 916 and 936 bus routes or Xuanwumen Shentang Yu to be the coach arrived. Tickets: adults 15 yuan, 7.5 yuan students

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