Monday, February 9, 2009

Shi Jing-long ski - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At County, 80 km away from Beijing, Beijing is a new skiing facilities. Ski adopt international advanced equipment, snow, snow spacious Road, will comprise a double-lift cable car, four-Tuoqian cable car, per hour delivery of 600 skiers up the mountain by experienced national coach scene Means , At the beginning, middle and high levels of skiers at all levels are appropriate. The resort also opened for children pull a dog sledge, snow slide, and other entertainment circles as one of the interesting projects, in addition to the resort are motorized snow, horse riding, archery, gliding and many other of today's most popular recreational projects. Transport: From the 919 Deshengmen by the way Delivery to Yanqing and then transfer to be 920. Since the drive may be on the Madian Badaling high-speed, about 1 hour to be. Cost: ski equipment (ski suits, ski, ski stick, skateboard) rent for 95 yuan /hour.

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