Monday, February 9, 2009

Survival Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The survival of the island - the new concept of tourism base, located in Huairou County, Beijing East Road Rhodospirillum 6, with the green mountains and blue waters as a temporary, breeze and bright as partners. Is an initiative to create, sports, aesthetic for the purpose of the new concept of travel mode, carefully creating a new world of new connotation. Survival of the island include: the production process area Agricultural science and technology areas, Camp Military District, the entertainment district and ancillary equipment. Production technology areas including: pottery, dyeing, woodworking, sculpture, lacquer, metal, paper, the model; agricultural science and technology areas include: planting, breeding, genetic, samples, science, brewing, food processing; Military camps include: Self Defense , Is making excessive demands , Judo, wrestling, shooting, triathlon, military training, camping Yechui; entertainment district include: Water sports, fun sports, driving training, rock climbing; auxiliary facilities include: student apartments (A, B, C), the family apartment ( Four-member family-type), Club (star-level hotels), restaurants (fast-food meals) In the survival of island visitors can start their own wisdom, to show their creativity and experience to our ancestors in the brilliant civilization under the guidance of thinking about the present and future, physical and mental input into the practice of feeling lost and, in highly innovative services in taste Life is sweet and. Traffic: Xuanwumen, Dongsishitiao travel by road to 6 Weekends, holidays, travel 16, picnic 1 /2, 3 /4 can be arrived at the train. Address: Huairou District of Beijing East Road Rhodospirillum 6 Tickets: 80 yuan Zip Code: 101400

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