Monday, February 9, 2009

Jing-dong Grand Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jing-dong Grand Canyon from the urban areas of natural scenic area 85 km south and winding, Huang Yaguan East and the Great Wall, Dule Si, Yue Ling Qing, Wuling Mountain, and other scenic areas adjacent to become embedded in Beijing, Tianjin, Tang Golden Triangle area on the A dazzling pearl. The best scenic spots for travel time in August and September. Jing-dong also known as the Grand Canyon Longtan Grand Canyon, scenic areas with a total area of 6 square kilometers, the green mountains and blue waters set, the Tiger-Longtan, Xian-feng canyon, waterfalls and so on Lingquan dozens of natural landscape in one place. These landscapes are located in the peak pit Valley, was a peak from the canyon on the Tianchi Chuiluo the meandering stream down to link up. Grand Canyon million mu of forest Jing Park, located cottage hut, tents and prepare travel colored hammock, pine bath for visitors, rest. Water playground area within the Longtan Lake dam height of 30 meters, 30 meters water depth, water motor boats prepared for the entertainment pleasure of visitors. Jing-dong natural scenic area near the Grand Canyon's new "Valley Village" is a set Yee, entertainment, rest in one of the modern holiday places, there are 120 beds, will include conference rooms, karaoke OK song and dance halls, restaurants, reception 320 people dining at the same time. Transport: East Bridge, the road show tour by road 14 (only two rest days, holidays, car), 918 Dongzhimen by a direct route to the scenic road Admission: 35 yuan

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