Monday, February 9, 2009

Jinhai Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jinhai Hu Pinggu County is located 18 km east, 85 kilometers away from Beijing, North Jinshan large, there is South Lake Village, is set to eat, live, play, travel, purchase, in one of the entertainment and leisure, vacation, resort. There are scenic landscape and cultural dozens. Lake in the northwest hills are viewing their heads together, according to West Jin Dam, surrounded on three sides by water, surrounded by cornices Ming-chu. Yokoyama main peak of the King's famous "Hump setting sun", as deep as Shu Zhang lived only a few hundred of pigeons pigeon holes, had two Buddhist priests of the Dong-Ge, there are sky-hole Erlang Shen and left large footprints. Jinhai Hu recreational water projects are: 60-seater dragon boat, a Twenty boats plane, boat hands, boats, boats Drive, the water jump (two), water bike, Little Duck boat, swimming and so on. Scenic areas in food, housing, transportation, travel, purchase, and entertainment facilities. Jinhai Hu restaurants, take casual restaurant hexagonal Block package and tables, can provide the whole fish feast for 350 people dining at the same time. Hexagon meal It also provides visitors to the high-, medium-and low-grade 350 beds. Admission: 18 yuan off-season, season: 28 yuan traffic: Dongzhimen by up to 918 road to Pinggu.

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