Monday, February 9, 2009

Ski Resort is the military - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changping is located in the famous hot spring resort north of Xiaotangshan five kilometers away from the urban areas over 30 kilometers, covers an area of 2,000 mu. Army Ski Resort has 140,000 square meters with the snow area, 5100 square meters of multi-service facilities, with the international practice of 7 more than 4000 meters from the junior to senior Snow wide, of which the primary and Snow Road Circle Road in North China as the most. Resort Village Road obstacles to the thrills of fun; cross-country motorcycle snow mountains more Valley Road; primary practice Road wide and comfortable; High Road, the relative gap up to 238 meters, 1,000 meters in length or more. In addition ski also has a total capacity up to 3,500 people /Double-hour cable and 8 special Snow Road drag, as well as more than 5 square meters of snow and a shop facilities, 3,100 sets of ski equipment imports, more than 30 professional coach, received on the ability to reach thousands of 6 to 10,000 people. Traffic: Ski Resort are from the Beijing military area only 35 kilometers, from Car 40 minutes to arrive. Self-driving: 1, the Badaling high-speed 13C export clearance around the island to the West Changping, Dongguan before the island, arrived at the ski resort; 2, from Badaling High Xiaotangshan The River exports, has been to the east, to see road signs North, arrived at the ski resort; 3, from north Asian Games Village, Lishui Qiao Xing To the west, north and then see road signs, arrived at the ski resort. Bus: 1, in 345 Deshengmen by extension, get off at Dongguan Changping, 21, take the road to the village really Choi Shun village walk 10 minutes to get off to the north, arrived to ski. 2, Accessibility by the suburban railway (line 13), Ze-long stand off, the transfer of 21 True to the villages and towns Choi Shun village, 10 minutes walk to the north, arrived to ski. Dongguan in the proposal to get off the island, and then hit a side of the resort to 10 yuan.

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