Monday, February 9, 2009

Xiangshui Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiangshui Hu - on the outskirts of Beijing Office, another unique, beautiful scene in the Holy Land tourism, is located in Huairou Mutian Valley west of the Great Wall, 28 km from the city, with a total area of 18 square kilometers, the Great Wall is set, Kwu Tung, mountains and rivers, Stephen Tam, fly Waterfall in one of the natural Jinxiu Valley. Built in the Ming Dynasty Great Wall is located in the scenic customs building in Fort Valley On both sides of the valley, which rise amid ups and downs, Shi Zhengrong blame. Cang Sang Gu Mao and still going through the Great Wall, such as dragon want to fly into the sky, the city hung insurance clearance, is spectacular. Ming Dynasty stone Cliff is also related to the ancient fortress to add a bit of dignity. The natural "and the totem Lian-ko" as inscrutable as uncanny workmanship, open to endless fun. Teng Fei Xie from the peak of the spring down to form a 50-meter drop waterfall, quite off the Galaxy nine days of the United States, after the concept is refreshing! Scenic spots in the steep mountains, spring water features, Lin Yin-fruit, flowers, Man Pei, fresh air. Yang Chun, Yamahana in full bloom, flowers were over; the height of summer, the tree-lined want to drop, everywhere Chui-ching; Autumn, science, the mountain is covered with leaves; winter, the snow-wrapped, lofty glaciers. Summer in the area day and night temperature difference of 12 degrees above the air by a standard test case, a drinking spring water. Silence at night, visitors can ignite the fire, sang, dancing. Could push the early morning of the Great Wall, the concept of flying , Kwu Tung tours, open spring water swimming, catching small fish and shrimp, Return to Innocence enjoy the extraordinary fun. Scenic areas within facilities services, has antique-style "ring of water Villa." Courtyard Villa elegant chic, scattered in an orderly manner. Restaurant meals to farmers, rainbow trout fishing, game-based barbecue. At the same time be able to receive 200 room and board, Folk Village Zhuanghu valley and the village folk are able to receive the 200 room and board. Lived in the city you do not stay away from anti-noise downtown, this beautiful, Jade, Summer summer, leisure holiday. Address: Beijing Huairou County in the Bohai Sea town of Hazel village big East Transport: Beijing Dongzhimen bus ride to the Longshan 916 Hall got off the ride to the big bus to the scenic valley Zhen, who drive around the island can be Mutian Valley, that is 8 kilometers to the westbound. Admission: 20 yuan

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