Monday, February 9, 2009

Longshan scales - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changping, scales and the junction of the Longshan southwest, northwest and Yanqing phase. The scale is Yongsan towering mountains tops, Yamauchi Oldies heavy, majestic Mountain, stands rock-lin, a steep cliff and into the blue sky, North China is the most distinctive landscape rock, rock climbing is also a good place activities. Longshan scale scenic spots one after another, the scale of the Yamaguchi-long stone carving, Kan Hill, a symbol of the art; Hanque Shihmen inherited the Han Dynasty architectural style, has created a "cloud canopy possession of Joan Tower City of God, Ru Mengxiang wonders of the fairy tale" sense of beauty; spin up on the ladder "Shangui" Rock, according to the poet Qu Yuan The works of creators; "General Peak," "Dharma Stone," Shi, are unique in the world wonders; "God Fu Ya" Animal painting of God hands above their heads, dancing eagle head; "waterfall Lion's Head" and "Sky Lake" and other water features, a "waterfall rain falling onto Valley ring, the Galaxy-day flow Yu Chi Man" poetic; stone garden King of rock thousands of animals, unique; there are differences Hard flow of up to 66 meters of "Lion's Head waterfall," all food Sheng, is lovely. Longshan scales surrounded by camel Ridge, Crown Eagle, and so on the Jintang-Village Office, more than 10, can provide rooms for tourists, restaurants, conference rooms, and entertainment. Admission: 12 yuan

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