Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Longtan and natural scenic areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longtan black stone is located in Miyun County, rural and urban deerskin related to the north of a 4 km long, 220 m water level drop of the gorge, 100 km away from Beijing. Spring, the moon, Ping Sha, Luo Yan, Qu, stacked, Shenyang, the hanging of 18 and so on Tam Tam in the Sala exciting deep canyon, thousands, a leading position in each of the 4 -- 0 on tourism for the wedding day. Longtan and into the natural scenic spots, the two Song Zhi-feng, a water shrinkage in the following waterfall-like seat, that is green like jade, like the black-tan head. The climb from the black Longtan, the forward half a kilometer away, hanging Tan, Tan Shen appeared in front of. After hanging dam, 200 meters away inside, hidden Heard the sound of gurgling streams, winding paths, "Babel waterfall" immediately in front of us. Standing at the waterfall below, the clear stream water from heaven like, as sharp as a knife, fell into the cliff, the water wave flight, sparking waves of water like silver after another White Peony in full bloom. "Babel waterfall" The following is a Luo Yan Tan, bleak autumn wind, leaves Piaofei Southern flying Dayan also fascinated by the magnificent scenery here, often came to rest here. Up to continue, "Tam Ping Sha, the dragon at the entrance, chop Dragon stone, stone hedgehog, who spouts, the string of pearls, no tan at the end of" phase landscape, amazing wow. Never follow the foot next to the dam at the end of Waterloo, railings and upstream, a transfer Bending Hill Black Dragon on to a real tan. 5 m in diameter, it is, the water was dark green. Immersive, Liang Qi pressing. Tan Bian sitting in the smooth rock, looking at the unpredictable body of water, giving the impression that in the quiet cool contains, in the magnificent and mysterious shows. Longtan and to tourism, to be?????North West can travel Wo Hu waterfall, It can be Yunmeng Xia, Miyun Reservoir and the East impressive sunrise. Admission: 25 yuan stay :12-20 yuan Tel: 69050028 Traffic: Dongzhimen - Miyun - and Longtan; Beijing Railway Station, Beijing North Station - Shitang - Heilongtan

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