Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hancun He Beijing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located 40 km southwest of Beijing, wide roads, clean streets, fragrant flowers, shady trees everywhere.

  "The richest man in the suburbs of Beijing" for the villagers Hancun He provided a good learning, leisure, entertainment, there are specifications in the suburbs of Beijing's largest park facilities, the best run, the first village on the outskirts of Beijing University Education House, the first village on the outskirts of Beijing travel agencies do, there are swimming pools and theaters.


  You Hancun He may be the focus of the new village scenes tour, enjoy the idyllic rural scenery, but also to be a guest farm, eating rice farmers, farm life experience, farmers understand the hard work, hard-working rich history. Also Hancun He dinner in the Villa, the rest. Villa elegant environment, beautiful scenery and service facilities, high-, medium-and low-grade set of 70 guest rooms, 140 beds, at prices between 120-300 million.

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