Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Temple, Shanxi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple, Shanxi is located in Mentougou District Rural water on the slope between the water village in the northwest. Liao said the water house, founded in positive million years, is Ruiyun Baihua Mountain Temple of the lower house. Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing through rehabilitation. Liao existing EC and 10 (992) a Jingchuang, the Yuan Dynasty construction of a small hall. Under 8 square Block, Lin Yang-round support buildings are. As a two-storey buildings, from top to bottom is a collection of eight sub-prism. There are the small square shrine, carved Buddha week, the shrine in order to set-top Dropwise pieces of stone to the end. Lower body blocks engraved with "Zunsheng by dharani" and the title in mind. Liao Yu County, is an examination of the geographical jurisdiction of the sector remains an important cultural relics. You can fully understand the Liao and Yuan magnificent building, Shen Lin famous ancient temples, you can always feel the Seven Wonders of the religious architecture and the vast deep harmony with the natural state of enormous!

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