Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tibet's Mountain Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tibet's Mountain Museum is located at the foothills of Mountain 850 meters above sea level Department of Ecology of a science park. This is the Beijing Science and Education Mountain ecological park, was built in 1997, with ethnic characteristics, a certain culture of science, eco-tourism features of the green. In addition to the garden of the Tibet Mountain Museum, there are Several things: an ecological research institute of Beijing Mountain ecology; engage in ecological education of the Chinese Patriotic Education Project federation of young ecological base for the Beijing Municipal Communist Youth League and the young eco-environmental protection in schools. Tibet's Mountain Museum is located in the garden with special cabins, a small Tibetan possession room and Canopy, Introduction to criss-cross paths in a Congcong trees and plants on the plateau, there is about the construction of the museum specimens Mountain biodiversity, ecology, as well as audio-visual center in North China, such as mountain Arboretum. Museum of eco-tourism is a green garden. Shade of old trees, gurgling streams, Bicao Yamahana, Open concept, reading tea, natural understanding, enjoyment of nature, so as to enhance the protection of nature and mission accomplishment. Museum or a space education ecology. A wide range of eco-environmental protection in the form and content of education so that young people in the classroom, in the showroom, in back-to-nature to enjoy the natural course of Xi, participation, recreation, the principle of "I love China, love my mountains and rivers, the protection of the Earth for the benefit of the future," the purpose. In addition to these, the Tibet Museum is a carry forward the national unity of the garden. Mountain - Beijing's "Everest", sub-alpine meadow scenery, and the Tibetan plateau, "born Relatives of the associate. Built-in park buildings, galleries and resources in the plateau landscape picture of the kind, as well as human life, and other exhibits, with melodious music, Tibetan, Tibet is a natural "window", the capital of Plateau and the green ? ???

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