Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Liu Hongrui house - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liu Hongrui house is located in the town of Mentougou District Yongding Shihmen Village. Separated the two houses, the village is to go out in the street, the street is the house is divided into two parts. North Street for the two side by side courtyard, known as the Eastern Hospital. South-east corner of the house for well-carved Gate Tower, the entrance tower to Yingbi, the central hospital Chuihua door, the door will see the main building, room, a total of 12 penthouse, which was built in all kinds of room above the Matrix, for the Eastern Hospital. Kuayuan the West Gate Tower for the hollowing decorative patterns carved brick, a very fine, it is worth to look at in detail. Hospital and Eastern Hospital houses more or less the same. South Street for another Tetraena , The gatehouse of the tall carved from fine green-build from, these are the gatehouse of the building was very beautiful. Two-storey hospital at a total of 21 houses. Liu Hongrui is the Republic of China Masters in Beijing, can be seen from its former home at the time of his status is very prominent.

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