Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yun Xiugu hunting spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yun Xiugu hunting spots at Metro-bridge remote valley, 132 km away from Beijing, where superior to the natural environment, mountain, which are very large market, the vegetation coverage rate reached 95%, the hunting area for the multi-functional tourism zone, divided into Miyun international hunting , Modern flying saucer shooting range and Mongolia customs village, scenic Yunxiu Gu and other departments. District Forest Park to the east at the national level - Wuling Mountain, west of the Great Wall is Simatai. 4-Oct here to watch the wedding day of natural scenery; November to March the following year hunting for the wedding day. Miyun international hunting has closed a hunting ground, a hunting ground open nearly 120 square kilometers, deer, roe, Qingyang, fox, mountain , The hare, and so on up to more than 20 kinds of wildlife, hunting enthusiasts at home and abroad to display their abilities. Yunxiu Gu Shui Sau scenic red rock, beautiful, exotic flowers King, here are three quarters of flowers, red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, aromatic fragrance, Chaziyanhong, shop stacked Xia Jin, a few Xiangpiao, It is refreshing. UFO shooting entertainment ancient Ming Dynasty style garden was surrounded by closed and flags fluttering, 4 electrical control target throw, high safety factor, outside of which you can show off their capabilities. Wuling Water Lake Recreation Area, fishing, swimming, rowing, speed boat ride. Mongolia visit the village customs, both living and eating, visitors Mongolia can understand your customs. Yun Xiugu scenic and convenient transportation, daily from 6:00 Dongzhimen bus station every 20 minutes Miyun bound for a frequency of the bus station to Miyun, at any time there are bound Yunxiu Gu area the size of the bus. Traffic :3-October Xuanwumen travel by road up to 16 Admission: 20 yuan

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