Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Longmen Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Forest Park is located in Longmen Town, Mentougou District water Qi Chuang Office of the west, Mount small branch, located on the west side of Mountain for the Beijing-level forest park. The average elevation of 1300 meters, the highest more than 2000 meters above sea level, 114 km away from Beijing, the park with a total area of 771 hectares. There are 700 animals Species, 844 kinds of plants, animals and plants is a natural park. Not only for view, but also for scientific research and teaching. Uchiyama garden, stone, Lin magnificent scene in pheasant Ling, Ye Zhulin, rhododendron mountain, wild depression Pinnacle range upon range of hills, the charming scenery. From spring to autumn fluttering butterflies, flowers Yan. At this point the height of summer, into the cool of the world, If the natural air-conditioning. Park Chong Luan Junxiu divided into zones, Galapagos Valley area, most of the three areas of scientific research. Spring has just regained plant, issued shoots, wild rhododendron Hanbaoyufang, beautiful; this summer, like into the cold world of Mountain Resort; mountain is covered with leaves in the fall, people forget to hang around , Relaxed and happy. From spring to autumn, flowers, fruits Shuo tired, like a beautiful painting, the natural form.

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