Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Buddhist million - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Buddhist million hillside, there are temples 3 for the blue-fat-free coupons Liang Hall. The Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, who had "big calendar Monastery", now known as the "big calendar to poke Longquan Treasure Palace", Wanli for the next renewal. Tang hall on the wall calendar five large mosaic of 23.08 meters long, 2.47 meters high by 31 white marble inscribed "Buddha Law million will map" a huge relief, the characters look different life, our country is a rare relief in the Tang Dynasty art. Million below the temple is a natural cave formation - water tunnel hole. Stephen hole there, raging water, the source of its unpredictable, Fangshan one of the Eight "pontoon water hole" will refer to this place There are holes tablets, the rock inside the cave, a period of the Sui and Tang dynasties, and by the carved stone statues. Hole in 1982 had dried up water tunnel, desilting unearthed at 7 small dragon, and this adds mystery hole. Address: Yunmengshan south of Fangshan District in the northwest, Hebei Tong Village West to poke in the town of about 200 meters.

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