Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Da Han Guan Ling City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dahan Ling Guan City in the Ming Dynasty, located in the Mentougou District Rural Lu Jun ring 1.5 km east of the Chengkungling Dahan, West Beijing Road is one of the important pass. Dong Guan City, standing side by blue tickets stone masonry. Road from the City Desk tickets through the hole. City in eastern Taiwan has a gentle slope that there are so few Gusong strain Has been seen in. On the hillside there Pilu Temple site, the Monastery of the temples for the three-building, also on behalf of the Ming. Kangxi and Qianlong 50 years (1785) have been rebuilt, known as the Goddess of Mercy Temple. Light four years (1824) and after rehabilitation, called Da Han Ling Pilu Temple in the repair of the building Tim Wenchang Pavilion, the Temple of the kiln, Chapeng. Pilu front of the existing one ancient, well water sweet and delicious, can Kap Shui until now. Interested travelers may wish to taste, after all, one can be recalled.

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