Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Huang Caoliang natural scenic area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huang Caoliang natural scenic area, located in the Mentougou District of Beijing Zhaitang Town 14 km, 10 km from Tiananmen Square, Beijing, from the Government of the resident district 75 km. Huangcao Liang, known as Pearl Road, West Beijing Road, is an excellent tourism post. And Huang Caoliang Mountain, Baihuashan, Miao Fengshan Far from the sea. Here the main peak 1773 meters above sea level, as one of the peak southwest of Beijing. Shan mountain overlooking Hill, even Feng-feng, the rise amid Pinnacle, the continuous ups and downs, until the horizon. If you are here to see the sunrise Shanhai, the Meteorology Series is, beautiful. Huang Caoliang enemy on the Taiwan and meticulous construction material to be used as lean, despite four Years of wind and rain erosion, so far still majestic. Huang Caoliang is worthy of the name of the Kingdom of wild animals, birds during Xiangji meadow, the jungle animals come and go, raising the animals, the animals have enriched it. In the long run, development is more important than the protection, scenic resources, tourism carrier, tourism Base and tourism facilities is an integral part of the scenic area. Here which can be developed, the basic tourist facilities are not perfect. There will be built in the hotels, entertainment facilities, folk Resort in order to implement the tourists to eat, shelter, the one-stop services; in other tourism projects will also be set up on cable, green, non-staple food base for aquaculture Land; Taiwan will also repair the enemy, the Great Wall, stone statue, and other major tourism projects, this makes lots of travel each tourist can bring more good memories. Huang Caoliang beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate, natural landscape and human landscape all in one, is a travel, tourism, archeology Department want to go.

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