Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WEI East will be three stone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

East WEI three stone will be located in the Mentougou District in Hebei Province in the northwest town of slopes between. Engrave text on a huge rock on the blue, this may be overlooking the western Yongding river there. Hillside land here also seem to see traces of Rammed earth-wall. Unfortunately, due to a long history, which traces so that we can only feel it has kept Too. This piece of stone content in line with the historical facts of the historical records to verify the authenticity of the historical records; from the stone, let us feel a long history gives us a lot of ups and downs of the memory. This stone was found in Beijing's old stone age than the text. Like to look at the history of the re - Point, will then need to look carefully to taste history has left us.

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