Wednesday, February 11, 2009

City along the river and the enemy of Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

City along the river and the enemy of Taiwan in Mentougou District in the northwest mountains. As a frontier fortress in the Ming Dynasty castle, the fortress troops. As a result of the city near the Yongding River, named the city along the river. East-West city of about 420 meters, 300 meters long north-south, there are 2 things, the East Gate of Wan-an (has been removed), Simon of Yongsheng, all masonry structure Article by stone walls and stone masonry (now the collapse of most of the damage). The city "Cities along the river mouth repair," a stone, six-year record Ming Wanli (1578) Yu Shi Zhongcheng halogen Governor Zhang Jian whole city defense. This city has jurisdiction in the distribution of population along the river, the dragon at the entrance, Huang Caoliang, I flood line for more than 40 public Mountain or Xianai Department of enemy Taiwan 15, 3 of which have been destroyed. Wanli in the Ming construction of the first year (1573) to three years. Points up and down two floors, about 15 meters wide, 10 meters above. The bottom section paved with stone, brick walls; Duokou around the upper and lower on the ladder between the same. The enemy on the stage are the amount of stone engraved with the numbers Since the word along the No. 1 to No. 15), Taiwan between the enemy and some walls were not connected, but the terrain with home insurance, echoing each other to form a continuous line of defense. Even more strange is that in the floods on the eastern side of the mouth pear-free number also has a range of the enemy, its shape and appearance of the number of the enemy is basically the same as Taiwan. Smoking The vast number of visitors to this tour, visitors can see the working people of ancient China's endless creativity, as well as the ability to resist external aggression and determination. The combination of history and reality, the strength can not make you moved it?

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