Wednesday, February 11, 2009

?? law ecological scenic city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? law ecological city is located in scenic areas Mentougou District in the center of the ring for the military township, there Miao Fengshan East, South Tiaojishan there, there are Mountain West, Baihua Mountain, and Western Lake 18, Zhenzhu Hu, Yu Sang after the ancient teaching , Tower Hill ridge, and other tourist attractions around the ring, the National Highway 109 connecting the meantime, the location, traffic between ten Facilitation. City law scenic natural environment, forest cover rate of 99%, the city's law spring inrush current year is always flooded, Qinglie sweet, with a variety of minerals. Tiaojishan law at the City scenic natural environment, it is magnificent, 1524 meters above sea level, according to research Beijing's history of bare mountains in the western mountains, it's far from forming on the Mountain, Baihua Mountain, is an important archaeological resources and geology. City law or natural scenic sites of the War of Resistance Against Japan. Now the Tiaojishan, the bullet is still everywhere, still bones of the dead, still in the trenches, it is better to preserve the site of the Sino-Japanese War. In the natural scenic city, to taste our spring water Huanen succulent fish, a variety of wild vegetable and rice farmers. ?? ?? 1, breakfast (5 /), lunch, dinner, Kaoquan Yang (200 yuan each), fishing ?? ?? 2, accommodation: a small farm house 5-6 Between 20 yuan /bed can be accepted provided 60 wooden beds, pit ?? ?? 3, entertainment: karaoke: 30 yuan /hour ?? ?? 4, the evening campfire: free groups, 50 individuals ?? ?? 5, traffic: Beijing Fu Cheng Gate travel 71 kilometers, 1.5 hours, along National Highway 109 City law right, I ring the military township government

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