Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Temple virtuous hospital - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Virtuous Temple Institute is located at Shijingshan District Cuiwei wasp Hill, south of the Temple Badachu Chang Hsu and a half years. Virtuous old temple in Dongan Shuaifu outside the alley, 12-year Yongzheng (1734) to build, the temple was the seat of Yong Zheng Yi's younger brother Prince House. Prince Yi's death, into a Buddhist temple. 12 years of Qianlong (1747) Yu Bing Temple virtuous moving light alley. Temple virtuous thanks to the next peak in the head. Tayuan two of the original, local, commonly known as East and West hospital. East of the existing Ta Yuan. Ta Yuan-dong 2 tower, completed in the first year of autumn. The eastern side of a tower of about 7 meters high, as the monk Lu Tower; the west side of a tower, about 8 meters high, Tasha spent for Tower of the public and monks. Second ride south tower, arrange things, the towers are Tibetan. Ta Yuan to the east, there is a courtyard complete. Church virtuous fine-sounding name.

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