Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cheng En Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheng En Temple in the Shijingshan District in the eastern Main Street, I model. Chong Ming Tak-year period (1506-1521). Covering about 30 acres. Cheng En Temple, a total of four Jinyuan La. Temple of the east and north from the south, followed by Hall of the Mountain Gate, King Hall, the main hall, Houdian. There are side hall in a palace on both sides of the hall, dozens of rooms Wall around the floor, there are more look-out for the Ming and Qing temples are rare. Terauchi 2 monument out there. A monument to the emperor Albrecht encyclical, the next eight years Tak (1513) legislation; for a Shang Li Bu Li Dong-written note, the 10-year Tak (1515) legislation. Four Heavenly Kings Hall of the shop painted a mural Dragon, reflecting the wide range of art murals in the Ming Dynasty style , An important research value. Shijingshan District for the protection of cultural relics.

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