Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mei Ping park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ping Mei in the Kowloon foothills, Wang Ping Mentougou Yongding River area in the territory, an area of more than 500 acres, 326 meters above sea level, 35 kilometers from the capital, is a set of beautiful scenery and recreation in one of the scenic resort. Mei Ping park scenery in different seasons, spring surprising Yamahana Jing Yan for fruit trees, trees in the summer Villa Shuang pleasant autumn wild fruit numerous homes, natural spring in winter to form a small tip. Mei Ping can be quiet: Yangguan fruit can towering, yellow Yashang drug immortal, Tuo Xiang Yu dense thorn plum, red dye all over the valley in days; deep valley Taiwan decoction cool, sun does not heat the general, wild flowers blooming pear situation , Stayed persuade Jun worries trouble. Mei Ping is a home-catering tourist accommodation, entertainment games, sauna, dancing and singing show, the high Yuan Wang, Ye angling mining, Stephen drink fruit products, heart pine and Mid-Autumn meeting of small and medium-sized reception in one of the ideal; is your weekend A good place for the holiday. Feng Mao landscape here, the essence of fruit. Full of poetic, People praise: "bush forest trees, mountains and rivers in full bloom and the birds-ming, numerous wild fruit hanging branches, to enjoy nature in the Ping Mei" poem. Is a scientific exploration, tourism, vacation, summer heat, the ideal tourist destination.

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