Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quaternary glacier relics exhibition hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chinese relics exhibition hall located in the Quaternary glaciers Shijingshan district on the eastern side of the Yongding River mouth mode on the hillside, is the world so far the only remains of a glacier Chen Hall. July 1992 officially open. Cahen glacier ice by the entrainment of rock in the exercise of friction with each other or with the glacial valley bedrock asked Morocco Formation. Mostly traces of nail-shaped. I is a model of the glacier in northern China for the first time, Cahen clear focus from large, less well-preserved. In 1954 by well-known geologist Li Siguang identification. Museum exhibition introduces the basic knowledge of the Quaternary glaciers, Mr. Li Siguang Ji four glaciers created the theory and development of the glacier system and application of Wang, as well as the role of national economic construction in China and the Quaternary glaciers and the distribution of visits, and so on. For the vast majority of the exhibits photographs of the remains of glaciers and moraine part of the rock specimens. In the popular science-oriented society in the field of museum will also give full play to their talents "Climate and the environment to human survival and development impact", "How human over the next Ice Age in the development of civilization" and "the phenomenon of glaciers in the store today to provide energy for mankind and function of human civilization out a great potential threat" and other topics will enable us to display A deeper understanding of the Quaternary glaciology. Sichuan Museum not only to the majority of the audience, introduced the spread of the Earth, the geological aspects of scientific knowledge, but also carry forward the older generation of scientists Li Siguang climb to the peak of scientific bull by the horns, more than the struggle for the spirit of patriotism.

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