Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Xiaolongmen Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiaolongmen Forest Park is located in Beijing peak - Mountain, with an average elevation of 1330 meters, 114 kilometers away from Beijing, the park with a total area of 771 hectares. Qi Jun surrounded by mountains, crossing the Great Wall, wall, the site of the ancient Di Lou, from the peak overlooking the East, West Mountain (Mount small) confrontation. Xiaolongmen forest Park, is a natural move, botanical gardens, there are more than 700 animal species, of which more than 40 kinds of mammals, 150 kinds of birds; there are 844 kinds of plants, not only for appreciation, but also for scientific research. Park Hill, rock, forest, the magnificent scene in groups of pheasant Pheasant Ridge, Ye Zhulin, be visible in wild boar playing play-off marks . Park is away a lot of the natural landscape, relaxed and happy. From spring to autumn, flowers, fruits Shuo tired, like a beautiful painting. At this point the height of summer, into the cold world, the Mountain Resort, like natural air-conditioning. There are 109 national park east with the west and convenient. There are in the vicinity of Mountain and Baihua Mountain, Mount Wutai, Yesanpo, Longmen Jian many attractions.

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