Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Zhenzhu Hu area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhenzhu Hu is located in the northern part of Mentougou District, is the construction of the Yongding River reservoir formed by Zhu Wo lakes, Lake as a result of growth in the number of Hebang and large, so named Zhenzhu Hu. Zhenzhu Hu the two sides, which rise amid permanent peaks, the lake 9.5 km long, the catchment area of 5 square kilometers. As the clock here, Taihang Mountains is located in the Hill Canyon, to form the unique scenery and unique climate. Asia's famous railway bridge across the lake on the air Fei Jia. Changhong lying momentum wave to become Zhenzhu Hu on a unique landscape. Shun Lake planes and a boat, a small island known as Heng Fa Chuen. Growth of several hundred trees on the island of apricot trees every year Flowers warm, even with Apricot open to the Zhenzhu Hu has brought yet another strange scene. Zhenzhu Hu fish in the large number of fishing-loving friends can show their talents; spoils of war to speak on the barbecue, and certainly good taste. Boating on the lake, fishing in the lake, a hats-I am similar, so beautiful, which deserve a "United States" Zile De. Accommodation: Pearl Villas (69,818,840), Mountain Park (61,839,331) traffic routes: 815 Beijingnanzhan by train to Waterloo Station and get off beads, or drive along National Highway 109 directly, or take the subway station to the apple orchard Road 326 interchange to the flood land Mentougou station, and then take the bus to the Zhenzhu Hu. Tel: 61838322 fare: 10 yuan

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